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Free Utilities If Your Secret Is Not Good Enough


Password Amplifier



The Password Amplifier uses a sophisticated mechanism to generate a high-entropy (high-resistance) password from a low-entropy one. It takes Your "easy" password and applies a series of over one-million hash operations in order to harden it.
Using easily memorable "salt", you can even produce a variety of high-entropy password.

Generate multiple passwords for use in different contexts entering
 the  corresponding "salt" phrase.


File2File Strong Encryption*  with AES from

 *FREE for personal use only


An easy-to-use encryption solution, which enables users to secure data for personal storage as well as for exchange between colleagues, partners, computers or personal relations. The perfect ad-hoc solution, which is independent of any specialized security infrastructure.


Secure Memorizer of PIN's etc for PALM and Pocket PC from


Your passwords and codes are stored in a "safe area" similar to a simple notepad page. In order to enter the safe area of the application, you need a key. This key is a sequence, at your choice, of 4-16 nodes and major faces of the Cryptomathic logo.


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