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About Us...


The ever growing need for management, comprehension, and implementation of user-centric secure services in the NET and in enterprise domains as well as the constantly growing drive of new-lifestyle applications utilizing modern technology in the field of telecommunications and information technologies, are the driving factors, which led to the founding of SmartAxis SA.

SmartAxis addresses with its verticalized know-how and competent world-class partners, the advanced and specific requirements of new era applications, such as: 

  • Complete Networks & Transactions Security Solutions including digital signatures for mobile and e-commerce, Data Security, secure authentication solutions, etc.

  • Consulting on Security, Telecommunication and Deregulation Management issues.

  • Complete innovative applications, like the short message services (SMS) for fixed telephones, Telecom & Secure Networking infrastucture and products, special satellite data carrousel applications, etc.

  • Scratch and Smart-cards, as well as applications related to them.

The products and services that SmartAxis provides are accompanied by the cooperation of globally well-known and recognized Houses. The accumulated know-how and experience of its staff in addition to the high quality of the services and the products offered by the collaborating Houses ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction.


SmartAxis' aim is to have an active role in the introduction of advanced technologies and know-how to its customers in the Greek and Balkan market.


SmartAxis S.A. - New Generation Telecom & IT Solutions, Applications & Products

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